Pontem College offers a safe learning environment that helps non-native speakers aged 12 to 18 grow into confident, respectful citizens who have the skills to participate in Dutch society. Our name is derived from the Latin word 'pontem', which means 'bridge'. It embodies our mission to build a bridge to mainstream education and Dutch society. This bridge is based on the pillars of knowledge, attitude and skills.

Knowledge: We teach our students Dutch and other relevant subjects as quickly as possible, so that they can join an academic year or level in secondary education (vo), mbo or hbo that matches their learning ability, previous education and age.

Attitude: We teach our students to adopt an attitude that ensures that they feel safe, confident and respected in Dutch education and Dutch society.

Skills: We teach our students the skills they need to feel safe, confident and respected in Dutch education and society.




You can register your child or pupil by sending an email to Mrs. E. Melssen: e.melssen@pontem-college.nl

You will then receive a registration form that can be completed and sent back. After the registration has been approved, you will be invited for an intake interview.

You should bring the following information with you to the intake interview:

- A valid proof of identity of the young person.
- A document with the BSN of the young person.
- Possibly a school report from the previous school.


Pre-talk and admission

Pontem College (International Preparatory Secondary Education Nijmegen), inspection period: First reception for non-native speakers ('Eerste Reception for Foreign Languages' EOA) is intended for non-native speakers between the ages of 12 and 18, of whatever nationality, who are subject to compulsory full-time education, but whose level of Dutch does not allow them to participate in regular education. During the preliminary interview, we make a temporary departure profile that predicts as accurately as possible which education option best suits the student after leaving Pontem College, as well as the time that the student must spend at Pontem College before he or she is ready to participate in mainstream education. The student is then placed in a small mentor group of 15 to 20 students on average.



Practical issues

Call in sick

If a child or pupil is ill, please contact the school by telephone between 8.00 and 8.30 am.

If a child aged 18 or younger is ill, only the parents or guardians can report the child ill. Students aged 18 or older can call in sick themselves.

+31 (0)24 - 355 10 33




Pontem College will not charge any fees for the academic year.

For other questions, please contact our reception or the teammanagement Ms. E. Bugday: e.bugday@pontem-college.nl